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We are a Company providing corporate businesses with branded water as well as other products, delivered at their doorstep.


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Anything Liquid provide purified still, carbonated or spring bottled water.

About Us:

Anything Liquid Pty Ltd is a Company providing corporate businesses with branded water as well as other products, delivered at their doorstep.
Our Company has an excellent track record. The Directors has years’ experience in the event business altogether of which the branded water is one of their services provided.

Our Mission Statement:

To be a Leader in the Distribution of Branded Water to Corporate / Hotel and Private entities and to provide them not only with water but also any other Corporate Marketing Items in Liquid for their specific occasion.

Our Processes

Water from the public source first passes through a series of specialized micro-filters which is a pre-treatment. This first treatment prevents particles such as algae, sediment or any large bacteria from slipping through to the carbon filtration process.

The Carbon filters remove tainted taste and halogenated organic compounds such as chlorine, fluorine, iodine just to name a few.
Our product is produced on the “Reverse Osmosis” system which ensures that Clients visiting your company enjoy clean water at all times. This means the water undergoes a filtration process known as RO or Reverse Osmosis which is capable of removing up to 99% of the dissolved salts, particles, organics including colloids, bacteria and pyrogens from the feed water.

The bottling process is a very high-quality controlled area and do we use quality hygiene standards. We keep the environment entirely clean with stringent hygienic practices.

Our bottling and packaging undergo continuous quality checks at all times and the quality of the water is constantly checked to ensure that the contents comply with the RASA (Restaurant Association of South Africa) specifications and we are delighted to inform you that we have also joined the Tshwane Tourism Association initiative.

We also have a team who in any industry such as the coffee/ tea etc. tastes the water to ensure that the product is one hundred percent in accordance with the specifications printed on our label.

Our Products

Branded Water
We have a selection of various size and shaped bottles with a wide variety of colour caps available. The most popular size bottles are the 500ml and 350ml.

Branded Champagne / Wines
Part of our products includes branded Champagne / Wines. Prices on these items to be advised as this will depend on the quantity ordered.

These items are very much in demand as we have found that guests attending weddings sometimes order branded Champagne / Wines for a pre-wedding breakfast or for the formal function and are these items treated as special orders.

Branded Corporate Gifts
Anything Liquid also provides the Corporate sector with branded liquor items for those special clients. These are also be treated as special orders.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System.
Apart from the branded water and other items, Anything Liquid also installs Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems for the Domestic and Corporate Industry.

Various Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems are available and such as, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System excluding a pump and including a pump. The consultant first tests the pressure of the water flow at your property before advising or providing the necessary quotation for installation.

Our Database is updated with the client details and we keep in touch with the client when the machine needs to be serviced.
Prices on the above to be advised, depending on the system required.


Contact Us:

Contact No: 065 833 0422
Physical Address: TBA – In the process of moving premises
Office Hours: Monday – Friday – 07H00 – 16H00

We are a B-BBEE – Level 4 company.

Registered with RASA – Restaurant Association of South Africa

Tshwane Tourism Association

Proud Member of Tshwane Tourism Association


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